New Video: Adult Karate "So Low" (feat. Adaline)

Adult Karate’s “So Low.” Also known as KC Maloney (of Radar Cult), the L.A. producer is gearing up for his debut solo EP, LXII, a collection of six richly-textured tracks that feel destined to soundtrack dream sequences. It’s closed out with “So Low,” a mid-tempo slice of poolside pop with a dark side, fueled by Canadian singer Adaline’s ghostly vocals that feel like finally letting go of something that’s slipped just out of reach.
“The song, ‘So Low,’ is about self-doubt in the face of unconditional love; how you can find someone who will love you even if you’re not ready to love yourself,” Maloney tells us via email. “But for the video, we strayed away from a direct interpretation of the song. I wanted to do something light hearted but also a bit ‘off.’ With the very talented director/writer Steven Randolph as my partner on this project, we came up with a story about two people who are lost in the world of love; two people who have very damaged views on what love, sex, and relationships mean. Steven and I are both very influenced by the works of Todd Solondz and David Lynch, so we wanted to place these heavy themes in a comically sad and surreal universe. I feel like the end result turned out being a homage to and also a parody of our influences, with enough of our own sensibilities to keep it fresh and new. And that is pretty much exactly what we wanted.”